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Heidi Schneider, LMT
(512) 438-9996
David Loper, DC
(512) 863-2786
Debby Ojeda, ND
(512) 635-5935

Chiropractic, Naturopathy, Massage, and Herbal Healing

4219 Williams Dr.
Georgetown, TX 78628

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As a chiropractic physician my main purpose is to help reduce the cause of suffering and illness in my patients. I do this by all means excluding drugs or surgery. 

I correct subluxations by Chiropractic adjustments, give recommendations for exercise, herbal and homeopathic remedies, improved diet and nutritive supplements. For in-clinic treatments, corrections of subluxations are accomplished by a variety of techniques such as Diversified, Thompson, Activator, SOT, and Motion Palpation. 

To Improve the treatment outcome, I also use needle-less Meridian therapy (stimulating acupuncture points with micro-current) as well as modern modalities of Interferential, EMS and High-Volt electric stimulation, Ultrasound, Manual and Static traction, supervised kinetic activity training, neuro-muscular-reeducation and specific exercises for rehabilitating patients. 

I have a wide variety and balance of case types from cash, major medical, PPO’s, Medicare, work-comp, LOP/injury’s, etc. As a Doctor of Chiropractic I can order diagnostic tests such as X-rays, EMG’s, CT’s and MRI’s to evaluate my patient’s condition.

Traumatic or over-exertion INJURIES heal faster, better and with less complications when Chiropractic care, nutritional supplements and theraputic  proceedures are incorporated in the recovery plan.

SPORTS PERFORMANCE is enhanced with the Chiropractic "Tuning-Up" of athelte's bodies to assure restriction-free and balanced movement..

CHRONIC ACHES AND PAINS that don't respond to medication, or keeps comming back can show lasting improvement with Chiropractic restoration of movement and balance by removal of the pressure on nerves, joints, bones and muscles.  This allows the body to return to the healthier state it was originally designed for.

HEADACHES, INTERNAL DISORDERS, STRESS AND DIFFICULTY SLEEPING can be caused by spinal derangements (subluxations) affecting the spinal cord and central nervous system.  In this case Chiropractic is the best source for relieving those points of strain and stress to your internal systems, allowing you to function normally.

As to the relationships with Allopathic professionals, I have several Traditional and Non-traditional providers that I refer to when my evaluation reveals a condition out of my scope of practice. This includes Orthopedic Surgeons, Neurologists, Internists, Physical Therapists, Neurosurgeons, Massage Therapists, Naturopathics, Acupuncturists, Imaging Centers/Radiologists, Phlebotomists, Neurodiagnostic Centers, etc.. 

I feel every profession has something to contribute toward the patient’s well being and when we work together with respect for each others ability, the patient is the one to benefit.